Friday, May 7, 2010

Through The Hourglass...

Back late for the daily post of links both from the stories I covered on my radio show and just important things being ignored by the various asshats in the MSM.

One of the things that kept me from posting earlier was going to see 'Iron Man 2,' with my 14 year old boy. The movie was great fun! It's not Shakespeare (that would actually have been disappointing), but absolutely is terrific escapist entertainment with ridiculously talented actors playing in all the key roles. I recommend it for fans of the genre and anyone looking for roller-coaster like summer fun!

So today was heavy on the science stories beginning with of course with the attempts to cope with the ongoing disaster in the Gulf. The MSM is helping to whitewash BP's malfeasance by reporting oil flowing into the Gulf at the rate of 5,000 barrels per day - which is considerably differet from this report which went straight down the memory hole - that would seem to be different by a factor of 5! Why is that do you suppose?

A comprehensive look at the dispersants being used in the Gulf and their possible effects.

A reminder that the consequences of the oilspill will  be many. And even small government conservatives will be begging for help from big government. Some scientists think that because of global warming future temperatures could exceed livable limits.

Trying to build food security in the face of climate change. Speaking of which 255 scientists from the National Academy of Science speak out and issue a letter about the integrity of science and the importance of not politicizing it.

Doctors underestimating the environment as a cause of cancer?

A very creepy story about a so-called oathkeeper just looking to wreak havoc.

Yeah, yeah! I agree I need a better title for my daily link feature... give me time! Cheers!

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