Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things You Wish You Didn't Know - Weekend Round Up

Going through some old stories on the internet, I came across a story of a ten year old girl that was tasered in Arkansas. Also a ten year old boy was tasered in Colorado. So that got me wondering what the youngest person to be tasered is? If you guessed six you would be right. The incident occurred at an elementary school in Miami back in 2004. The other events happened in the last two years.

The border between Israel and the Gaza Strip is heating up again, with the Israeli army killing two insurgents trying to enter Israel on friday. Hamas confirmed they were sent on an operation to attack Israel. In response to earlier rocket attacks the Israeli air force bombed parts of Gaza.

Speaking of borders heating up Turkey bombed dozens of targets in the Kurdish autonomous region in Iraq.

In Kingston Jamaica residents of the Tivoli Gardens, one of Kingston's poorest district have set up barricades in effort to stop the extradition of Christopher Coke to the United States. Mr. Coke is accused of being the leader of Shower Posse, which according to U.S. authorities runs an international drugs and guns network.

In Mexico indigenous leader Timoteo Alejando Ramirex and his wife Cleriberta Castro were killed in their home by paramilitaries. In the same area of Southern Mexico last month, April 27 an aid convoy was attacked trying to bring food and water to the municipality of San Juan Copala in the Oaxaca region.
Map of Mexico: Oaxaca region in dark blue

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