Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BP Wants Same Deal Exxon Got For Valdez

Another day another set of outrages courtesy of bigoil.

Starting with BP who, according to Mike Pompantonio, are busy "judge-shopping" in Texas. This also means they're venue shopping. They want the approximately 70 suits against them over the oilspill consolidated and tried in Texas where the judges are likely to be more sympathetic. From the Ed Shultz Show on MSNBC, via the great people at C&L:

You need to know in a year when their first quarter profits are at 6.3 billion dollars, Exxon-Mobil is whining that they can't afford to lose any of their subsidies and are threatening people's jobs! This is savagely greedy. Listen to the CEO whine:

And let me emphasize this, I was right and the MSM were sleazy and happily whitewashing the extent of BP's screwup! The costs of the cleanup? Four days worth of BP's profits so far.

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