Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enhanced Interrogation - Say It With A German Accent

Unreported stories of torture are why I started doing my radio show. Back in 2006 there were so many stories that I could find and verify and yet got little or no coverage in the MSM so I found a university radio station and started reporting the stories I was finding. If you clicked all those links you know there were a lot of stories.

Eventually I settled in and begann doing five days a week and expanded my focus out of necesssity to stories that got underplayed in general in the MSM, and false narrativies that got sent out there that needed debunking. It keeps me busy.

So today I get up and there`s a story ready-made for me to post at the blog and bring with me to the radio show tomorrow and be righteously angry about. After all, it proves me right. All my worst fears and and what I once held to be speculations have pretty much come to be true and I get no pleasure in being right or ahead of the curve. It's not sue to any special abilities on mmy part, it is simply thanks to the new medias. Medias that are readily available to all who are curious.

 The tales have been so numerous that my outrage button doesn`t buzz anymore. You can hit it all day long and I`ll get mad, annoyed, frustrated, sad, despondent but not outraged. I can`t when the outrages outnumber the dog bites man stories 10 - 1. Outrages have replaced dog bites man.

So to get to the story, today the BBC reports that there was a second jail at Bagram Air base in Afghanistan - in spite of previous US insistance that there was only a single detention facility (isn`t that a nice phrase?) - and former prisoners have told the BBC that they were held in a separate building, and subjected to abuse. This, you should be aware, includes Omar Khadr.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that since August 2009 US authorities have been notifying it of names of detained people in a separate structure at Bagram.

Still the reaction of the US Military just like in the past has been to deny, deny. In response to these allegations, Vice Adm Robert Harward, in charge of US detentions in Afghanistan, denied the existence of such a facility or abuses. Don't you believe them.

So you need not get outraged. Just remember. Remember too that being well-informed is now subversive. That's a good enough reason to keep reading and being curious about the truth, right?

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