Tuesday, May 4, 2010

President Petraeus- Everybody Loves Aliteration Or The Making Of A Presidential Candidate

Amid all the talk of Sarah Palin's prospective run for the US presidency, under the rose bushes the buzz grows for  a President Petraeus.  Publicly the General is denying  he has any intention to run, he makes that claim at each of his many speaking engagements. Is he surveying the land from a safe position? (Getting a feel for the battlefield before making any sudden movements so to speak. )

Republican strategist, John Feehery recently commented, "If Petraeus were to run, he would be a serious contender. His leadership ability is well known and respected by the American people." Petraeus is best known for commanding the forces in Iraq and implementing the surge strategy.

For a man that denies he is running there is quite the web presence to the contrary. From a blog in his name, Patraeus For President 2012? to online articles and a feature story in the British Telegraph.  Whether he will run or not we do not know but there is definitely a strong force pointing him in that direction.

General Petraeus Making His Pitch

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