Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Like Grains of Sand...

Okay,  new feature here and at the NMPCanada site. A roundup of the day's links to important news stories and videos around the blogosphere... which as we all know is superior to the MSM in every important way.

Some of these stories got covered on my radio show and some I just didn't have time to get to. So many issues, so many outrages, so little common sense.

For the past 3 days been seeing the number 210,000 gallons per day flowing into the Gulf. Thing is, on the weekend from a source I trust I read the number could be as high as 1 million gallons per day. Today BP admits that it could even be more than that! And don't think it's only the Gulf that's going to be at risk from the oil and the dispersants that are being poured into the Gulf.

There are a lot of issues regarding possible malfeasance on the part of BP. Like I reported on Monday Haliburton deserves its share of the blame. And the vast amount of dispersants BP are pouring into the Gulf may be equally toxic to the environment. As for BP meaning Beyond Petroleum? Yeah, right!

Dana Milbank writes about all those red states that vote republican claiming they want smaller gov't. but get on average $1.50 back for every dollar they are taxed. Eric Boehlert of MMFA writes about the genesis of the Obama's Katrina meme (hint: it wasn't Rush).

And you simply cannot expect or rely on anyone in the MSM to cover the story of the unfolding disaster in the Gulf honestly. That goes double for the NYT's. I'm torn, are the people at Fox insane or inane?

What is it about wind power that makes conservatives say the stupidest things? And you might want to know that Google's getting into the business of windpower that is.

NATO forces US to scrap planned Kandahar attack - planned June offensive now in doubt. It's worth repeating that wars of occupation suck!

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