Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like Grains Of Sand...

Daily links time again. Been gone for a couple of days and not doing radio show so the feature was skipped. There were still posts of course and as timely as we could be. The oil spill in the Gulf is getting some of the front page treatment it deserves, at least from McClatchy, where they beg the question, "What Happens If We Can't Stop It?"

BP refuses to realease video footage of the spew but there is a picture for you to look at and contemplate - you might also want to consider what happens if this oil and the dispersants get into the Atlantic currents. This has always been our concern and our question.

The fact that the Federal government has long known that they were unprepared for such a spill, exercises conducted in 2002, 2004, 2007, and just this past March caused federal officials to express concern about a host of issues weaknesses in coordination, communication, expertise, and technology that have plagued the federal response to the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

This all makes it a perfect day to release the new climate and energy bill.

As for the cost to BP, on today's show we discussed how the money spent so far equals 4 day's worth of profits from BP's bottom line. This op-ed from over at the LA Times echos what we've been saying on the blog and radio show so let me say it's extremely thoughtful.

This is fun, the 3 major companies responsible for disaster playing blame game. Of course letting the oil industry write its own safety rules was criminally stupid.

Things don't look good for a summer offensive in Kandahar. The occupation of Iraq continues on and on with 154 killed on Monday.  US feeling backlash from employing drone attacks in Pakistan.

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