Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grains of Sand

Another day...

The wars of occupation ignored like always. In Iraq, two men engaged in a struggle for power long after the vote that threatens future stability and security (if any). Mayhem not freedom is the order of the day in Iraq. No day without violence and killing.

A helicopter assualt in Kandahar, that was meant to prepare the ground for the coming offensive, was called off due to lack of support from Afghans and now the summer offensive may be called off as well. NATO acknowledges that Taliban forces in some areas of Kandahar are "downright dominant." The rate at which Afghan civilians are being killed continues to rise. And the GAO (Government Accountability Office) casts doubt on Obama's Afghan policy.

Some surprisingly good news on CO2 emissions in the US since 2005, they've dropped 10%!

Haliburton's role in the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico shouldn't be underestimated. And this will affect the price of foodstuffs of all kinds. A report on the toxicity of the dispersants being used to break up the oil in the Gulf, 160,000 gallons worth poured in so far, and why the whole thing may be lose, lose. Speaking in their own defense BP pulls flying monkeys out of their butts!

The best solution BP can come up with is the Giant Dome of Doom thingy - I have little faith in it working, it kind of reminds me of Maxwell Smart and the Cone of Silence. Hope it's more effective than that. Digby weighs in on a host of related issues.

The partially Saudi owned Fox Network refuses to air ad promoting American independence from foreign oil. Can't imagine why.

Rachel Maddow on American dependence on fossil fuels and the inherent dangers. She rocks!

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