Saturday, April 3, 2010


this must be Bedlam!
Indeed it is as we play catch-up once again. Want to note that my interview with Gotta Laff as she prefers to be known in the blogosphere, of The Political Carnival will be aired tomorrow between 8:30 and 9:00 AM - Tune for fun innformative talk with one of the internet's better known bloggers! Truly a great interview with a very talented and funny person.
Like our recent shows of late, let's beging with all things Canuckistani: There's a definite movement afoot to get our taxes raised And starting right here in Quebec, yesterday's Liberal budget does just that ...
Okay, catch-up blogging once again and right as we are mid-stream in giving the show a bit of a make-over. Let us know what you think of the change in tone. Truth is I could no longer afford to invest myself in the stories I cover; have to admit I take a lot of it personally. So onwards and upwards with more humor, more Canadian news (you have no idea how hard that is!) and a more neutral stance on all the crazy from south of the border.
Getting to the stories I covered on Friday and today, here are the links: Starting with Eric Cantor's idiotic claim that  Democrats were exploiting the threats they'd received from mad teabaggers during their tsunami of hate and stupidiity following the health care vote Even...
Hey there! Wanted to post the link to Russell King's rant with all it's wonderful sources ASAP this A.M. and remind you I'm interviewing Laffy from The Political Carnival today and will play the interview on tomorrow's show, so go here right now and check out one of the blogosphere's better and more reliable blogs. Always great videos, commmentary and links to the day's most important stories.
Okay, here's the link to that very righteous rant by Russell King and what makes this valuable is that every last assertion is sourced and linked for you so you can forever have this compendium of links to tales of right wing...
Okay, back again with 2 days of stories and blogging links, and there are so many about the hateful rhetoric coming from the right over the recently passed healthcare bill that it behooves me to start there with "The End of America as You Know it!" Brought to America by the "Socialist Party" And by the by, here's what the teaparty knows about taxes and "stuff" Here's what they know about democracy Death threats for Rep.'s families More deathh threats here Ahhhh, is there...
Never ask what my titles mean - that would e silly! So it's Monday, the American heathcare bill passed in Congress last night and I decided there were so many linksto post for the stories we covered during today's show that I didn't want to be doing any catch-up blogging.
Starting with the Torries continuous stonewalling on the Afghan detainee issue
And then it was on to the healthcare reform bill and the crazy opposition to it - Not that you couldn't be opposed and not crazy, just that all those opposed used extremist language and tactics to try and defeat it starting with the mental cases at the FUX network

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