Thursday, April 29, 2010


For anyone who has visited our Canadian site, you'll know that I've been all over Stephen Harper for his stance on maternal health in developing nations and calling him an Assalogue, a not-so-charming mix of ass and idealogue. Now as full of crap and as mean spirited as I believe him to be, he could never match these people. Imagine if you can people who would keep information about birth defects from women to prevent abortions.

Imagine people who would force a woman who was raped to look at the ultrasound of the fetus and then make them pay for the costs of the ultrasound.

In the US more than 60% support Roe V Wade, or choice. From the moment they lost the PR war over this issue the anti-abortion zealots have gone stark raving bonkers and show no signs of letting up any time soon. You'd think freedom of choice would be answer enough to their arguments. Or even the belief in the all seeing and knowing invisible guy in the sky who A) knew this would happen B) make allowances for it C) regard it as his business and not that of small minded puny humans.

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