Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Canadian News and Links

Hello there, and thanks for showing up. I promise to make it worth your while.
Starting with Canadian news - not that there's much of it but this 1st story is significant in that reporters are being banned from hearings on Afghan detainees To protect Stephen Harper and the torries of course. Canadians finding all 3 parties uninspiring not surprising when it's hard to name what each party stands for. A roundup of opinion on latest Quebec budget
This is the very disturbing video of American soldiers murdering Iraqi civillians and behaving like sociopaths. Parts of the video have been played by...
And we're back after the long weekend with stories I talked about on-air today and the stories I didn't have time for so you can stay informed. Tell your friends!
Starting with Lawrence Cannon's trip to the Arctic in an attempt to assert Canadian soveriegnty       
Ticking time bomb sitting atop the Great Barrier reef put there by the Chinese gov't company COSCO And since there's a liklihood that an oil spill will happen in the Arctic with increased exploration and production the Cdn. gov't has sent oil spill kits to the Arctic That makes it all...
this must be Bedlam!
Indeed it is as we play catch-up once again. Want to note that my interview with Gotta Laff as she prefers to be known in the blogosphere, of The Political Carnival will be aired tomorrow between 8:30 and 9:00 AM - Tune for fun innformative talk with one of the internet's better known bloggers! Truly a great interview with a very talented and funny person.
Like our recent shows of late, let's beging with all things Canuckistani: There's a definite movement afoot to get our taxes raised And starting right here in Quebec, yesterday's Liberal budget does just that ...

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