Friday, April 30, 2010

Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

The story about the continuing oil spill in the Gulf is everywhere as well it should be. The environmental disaster that's taking place promises to devestate the Gulf coast states, poison valuable fishing, shrimping and oyster habitats and impoverish those that depend on them for their livelihoods.

The oil slick in the Gulf was the focus of a good deal of my radio show today. It shows the folly and some of the dangers inherent in relying on fossil fuels for all our energy needs. There are so many aspects to this story and the consequences so seemingly dire that there can be little satisfaction that it may push us in the right direction vis-a-vis clean energy. You also have to wonder if the guilty parties will ever pay the consequences for their incompetence.

Here's Rush Limbaugh's insane take on what may have caused the disaster in the first place. It kind of makes one wonder if maybe Rush is suffering from Mad Cow disease. Not as a result of all the beef he's clearly indulged in over the years but rather from all the red meat he's had to throw out to his listeners day after day. It's clearly having an effect on his sanity.

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