Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Up To Collateral Murder

Democracy Now's next day interviews . Shocking eye witness report!

Viewer discretion is advised

So before something else horrible dissappears down the memory hole, let's review the fallout from this video where American soldiers behave like sociopaths. They beg to be allowed to "engage"  a group of civillians in the street, none of whom is threatening anyone or anything, and laugh at their plight and their subsequent deaths, all from the comfort and safety of their helicopter.

The fallout? Nothing.

Some people looked at it, were angred and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates got mad at the Wikileaks people, but nothing happened. He said context was needed to properly understand what actually happened in the video and that it was like looking at the war through a soda straw. And then nothing happened. The soldiers weren't reprimanded for what happens in that video, no one was held accountable and the American media did its' level best to report on the incident once and then ignore it completely.

This is why the MSM is not to be trusted with any story of import. It's no longer their job to function as the 4th estate. They are there to entertain, gloss over unpleasantness and spew the corporate or government line while getting paid fabulously themselves. Millionaire journalist, is an oxymoron.

So look at what Democracy Now puts together here and remember it when you're reading your newspaper tomorrow and there's barely a mention of the ongoing occupation of Iraq - which is now in its fun-filled 8th year! And then ask yourself, what are the Americans there for again? 

Who are the terrorists?

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