Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

Build It Yourself

So over at my radio show this morning I decided to give my listeners a do-it-yourself morning news broadcast using the new media. I started with this story whose source was the Southern Poverty Law Center and the video was posted at Crooks and Liars but the original broadcast came from GoLeftTv's Ring of Fire And here's lying Sarah, the wolf-killer, Palin, pretending not to call Obama anti-American while calling him anti-American She's so clever!

And there's a story about the police looking for a teaparty leader who made not so veiled threat against hispanics on twitter And CNN host, Rick Sanchez getting angry and getting it right Makes me very happy when a member of the MSM calls it like it actually is.

Over at Media Matters I found the "Limbaugh Wire" and played clips from his show yesterday to illustrate all the ways he lies and demagogues everything Obama does. There is no accomplishment of Obama's he does not seek to denigrate In one short day, he manages to call Obama delusional, power hungry, Nero-like and filled with admiration for the Chi-Comms (Rush's high-larious description for the Chinese Communists)! That's only one day's worth of hate from the over-paid cockroach.

No modern-day news broadcast would be complete without something from John Stewart and he can be found in Canada over at Comedy Central where they have a great store of his show archives. In this brilliant clip he covers Fox News and their attacks on the poor and the taxes they're not paying! (Go to show 04/ 13/ 10/ clip #1) For background on this, read the following

A video clip with Keith Olberman interviewing Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, on Obama's attempts to regulate Wall Street and the Republicans squeals on behalf of their donors

No video here, just a simple tale of two failed terrorist plots Can you spot the difference?

Environmental News

Australia arrests crew of Chinese ship that spilled oil on the Great Barrier Reef And a reminder of what the consequences of a bad spill can be, a story about oil from the Exxon-Valdez still being found in Alaskan Ducks

Climate Science deniers will no doubt ignore this story that exonerates, again, the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit To recap, there is no such thing as "climategate," except in the febrile imaginations of those spinning madly on behalf of the corporations like Exxon-Mobil. Speaking of whom, here's Phill Mickelson helping to greenwash them and their anti-science record

Because there can never be enough proof that climate change is happening: The warmest Jan. - March period on record just happened And the melting of a major Canadian Arctic ice sheet is accelerating, a new study finds

Finally, a story about the newly mapped Atlantic garbage patch and Discovery's new show featuring the lying, anti-science, wolf-killer Sarah Palin, bombs! What in hell were they thinking?

Talk tomorrow!

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