Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday News

Climate and Environment

Climate change's consequences unforseeable Swiss needle cast epidemic in Douglas-fir forests of Pacific Northwest. "Compromise" on whaling means more killed Leading American conservative wolf-killer and polar bear killer Sarah Palin talking "snake-oil science stuff"

Best of the Blogs

This is what's wrong with current state of capitalism: 25 hedge fund managers worth 658,000 teachers You're crazy if you want war crimes punished

From our favorite blogger south of the border, Laffy, over at The Political Carnival on the subject of the latest teaparty guy blatantly illustrating the overt racism of the movement And we present you the teabagger illustrated dictionary (could there be any other kind?)

Ordinance is apparently what it's all about Alfie (from occupied Washington) on Gingrich's most recent and very cynical contract on America

From the always reliable but very messy Huffpo on the MSM's debate on the merits of "celebrating" the Confederacy

And finally, from The Nation, Jeremy Scahill, on Blackwater's youngest victim

Talk tomorrow!

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