Tuesday, July 6, 2010

World's Largest Oil Skimmer Tested In Gulf Of Mexico

Taiwanese billionaire Nobu Su owner of TMT Shipping has retrofitted an oil tanker into the worlds largest oil skimmer named, "A Whale". Without the knowledge of BP or the U.S. government Mr. Su  sent the ship to the Gulf of Mexico to help in the clean up. According to Mr. Su the ship would travel across the Gulf, "like a lawn mower cutting grass." The vessel is ten stories high, three Canadian Football fields in length and can process twenty-one million gallons of oil tainted water a day.

Due to choppy waters test done over the weekend  were deemed inconclusive by TMT Shipping. Too bad it took four weeks for the U.S. administration to ask for foreign help or they might have got the "Whale" working before hurricane season.

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