Friday, July 16, 2010

US Chamber of Horrors!

When I saw the story about the open letter the US Chamber of Commerce sent to the President a couple of days ago I was so horrified I had to flee from the computer console and take refuge in... well, you know, life. I went to a comedy show, hung out with friends, talked, laughed and never mentioned what I had seen.

Sociopathy will suck the fun right out of an evening and that's the only word I can use to describe the contents of the letter the US Chamber of Commerce sent to the President on Wednesday. It's their Christmas wish list and all they want is everything - tax cuts for them tax raises for the middle-class and the poor as well as gutting social Security. To paraphrase, "We want all the nice shiny things the American middle-class has left.

Crooks and Liars does a good job of summarizing what the Chamber's goals are all about. They use the phrase the Chamber no doubt loves and probably coined, "Drill, baby drill!" to great advantage and turn it into other phrases the Chamber probably is secretly in love with: "Loot, baby loot!" and "Starve, baby starve!"

From the huffpo, here's what the Chamber wants: ...deregulation of business, tax cuts for the wealthy, free trade agreements, a reduced corporate income tax, expanded offshore drilling and logging in national forests and the privatization of waterways and roads.

Specifically, the Chamber urges the president to extend Bush-era tax cuts in full and provide tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas.

The Chamber simultaneously calls for a reduction in the deficit -- a gap caused largely by the tax cuts the Chamber wants extended, which are projected to add $3.4 trillion to the debt between 2009 and 2019.

Now I think this will all work against them and the Republicans in the long and hopefully the short run if word gets out there and people can bear witness to their brazen attempts to ruin once and for all the American middle-class.

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