Wednesday, July 7, 2010


During what became known as "Snowpocalypse," people were foolish enough to declare "the end of the global warming hoax." with a couple of snowstorms as proof of their claims. Now with a heat wave under way on the east coast people are asking, "is this because of climate change?" And that's just silly. A heat wave is no more proof of global warming than a snowstorm is proof that anthropogenic climate change is not happening. However, we are in the middle of a global heat wave - with the first five months of the year being the warmest on record and that is a likely indicator. The NOAA say that the combined global land and ocean surface temperature are 1.22 degrees F warmer than the 20th century average. Global warming does mean that events like this are more likely to occur and with greater frequency.

You'd think that people who call themselves conservatives would want to err on the side of caution and perhaps do something about preventing things from getting worse - of course you'd be wrong.

Stay cool!

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