Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gross Violations of Decency

Whenever Keith Olbermann includes Rush and Glenn in his daily feature, "Worst Persons in the World," he's going to have to rename it "Most Despicable People in the World!" Yesterday both made it into his trifecta that has been featured and posted all over the blogosphere. Yet for these two, the title seems so inadequate. With Limbaugh it's daily doses of putrid, bile belching racism that he not only he gets away with, they pay him millions to do it. He can even spew his venomous drool in the direction of the children of the poor and for Rush there are no consequences. No blowback or pushback or outrage or anything but more paychecks.

With Glenn it's creepier. He's paid the same kind of money Rush gets to be a paranoid, delusional, liar. The stomach-turning nature of the hatred he regurgitates can be heard below courtesy of MMFA, who do a great job of cataloguing the viciousness of today's Most Despicable People in the World!

Bonus hilarity: Bill Keller is saying Glenn Beck is not a Christian, stating he is in fact a member of a weird religious cult.

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