Sunday, July 4, 2010

War Zone Weekend Round-Up

With more U.S. troops set to leave Iraq in August, leaving a mere 50,000 troops in country, the state of affairs seems to be progressing in a backwards fashion. Once there was an elected  government now not so much with many factions vying for power after an inconclusive election. Vice President Biden went to Iraq on friday to meet the parties involved and try and help reach a settlement (yell at them using his most favourite adjectives).

If you thought your city has bad water be thankful you don't live in Falluja Iraq. After six years of work and $104 million spent on rebuilding the city wide water treatment system in Falluja, the American reconstruction authorities has cancelled the operation with not one house being hooked up with water. In a rush to finish reconstruction projects before the troops leave (no troops, no protection for workers) they have to stop some or rush to finish others.

Meanwhile back on the opium plantation Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has realeased a thousand Taliban prisoners (in hopes they will return home with news that they have seeing the light and convince everybody that they should just get along). General David Petraeus has taken over control of the 130,000 international force fighting in Afghanistan after the previous General Stanley McChrystal wanted to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone (lost out to Lady Gaga). A sober thought, Lt Col Paul James, British commanding officer in Sangin district feels Nato forces should stay for the next ten years.

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