Monday, July 5, 2010

Boehner's Boners

According to news reports this morning John Boehner's recent string of inartful gaffes are all part of the super duper secret Republican plan to win the back the House in the fall and have John Boehner as the speaker. Apparently it was necessary for him to say things as stupid as the BP clean-up costs should be shouldered by all (and then walk it back) and the financial meltdown of '08 was a mere "ant," all so he could garner Obama's attention and subsequently be slammed by the President. You see, according to village wisdom that elevates him to the level of the President and presto, Republicans win back the House! It's always good news for Republicans

The DNC doessn't agree and thinks Boehner's recent penchant for inserting his foot in his mouth is ripe for criticism so they've rolled out a new ad and included Joe Barton's tone-deaf apology to BP as part of the script.

Wouldn't he make a fabulous speaker?

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