Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Want Wankers?

I'm not even sure this is merely wankery anymore. I've called Glenn Beck the most despicable man in the world and I mean it. I put him on a par with child molesters and murderers. His kind of hate is lethal. Rush Limbaugh deserves to be counted as equal to Glenn. Today Rush was suggesting poor kids who are hungry should go dumpster diving.

Of course Rush didn't like Obama's speech - not really worth mentioning in the previous post but the best part was his attack on the "fraud" of global warming. The science on global warming is clear and indisputable except to idiots, liars and corporate shills.

One of the reasons Rush and Glenn get away with the crap they do is because of a compliant press.

The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, may be releasing a new video soon which probably explains why American officials have stepped up efforts to locate him.

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