Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Most Despicable Person In The World

We are big fans of Keith Olbermann here at NM&P, particularly his daily "Worst Person In The World!" feature. He's generally got a good point to make and oft times it's a damned funny segment. Last night he included Glenn Beck in his segment and as always he's having sport - my only qualms are that I no longer think Glenn Beck is worthy of sport or needling or anything else that isn't dead serious about getting him off the airwaves. He's not only the worst person in the world he's the most despicable.

The following words taken from Beck's radio program are not merely some sort of twisted entertainment - they are a call to his listeners for violence against a President whom Beck is calling a traitor to the US in so many words and he does it daily. Every day that there is no action, Beck seems to ramp up the demagoguery and the hate. This, as they say, is not going to end well.

BECK: Using his own words to describe his grandmother, that when you see a 'typical person' like the president of BP, he has a reaction -- um, you know -- to those people that has been bred into him. Ok. Alright. Now that actually kind of works, if you understand who his parents were. And who his grandparents were. Because they're not really the 'typical white people.' His mother - his mother wasn't. His mother was a revolutionary. His father wasn't. A revolutionary. His grandparents, they went to the communist Little Red Church just outside of Seattle. They had communist friends. So it's almost like Marxism has been bred into him.

BECK: And I think that's who she is. I don't know her at all, other than her own words. And her own words are not in sync with America. Americans are proud of their country. They may not like what's going on in their country under Bush, under Obama, under Reagan, under Clinton, it doesn't matter, we are not happy with the way that our country is run from time to time, usually most times. But we have an underlying belief in our country and love of our country. I don't think she does. Maybe she does, but her words say differently.

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