Thursday, June 17, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I don't want to get Pollyannish here or maudlin. It's just a pretty song by the cast from Glee against the backdrop of the catastrophe in the Gulf. Any song with those images would be moving. It's a pleasant thought on the last weekend of spring to imagine a world where public policy debates aren't some dreadful political football game all about scoring points at someone else's expense. Instead, the implementation of thoughtful and reasonable ideas based on the best empirical evidence available that benefits the greater good and is not the product of superstition and age old prejudices. That people care about their fellow man and would never make fun of a hungry child or resort to torturing one's enemies. That such behaviour would be deemed unthinkable and the perpetrators of such cowardly acts could never show their faces in public again - that's if they could first escape prosecution.

Pity. The 21st Century had such promise.

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