Saturday, June 19, 2010


Anytime someone begins a sentence with the words, "I don`t want to get Pollyannish here," you can bet he/she is going to get Pollyannish. Sorry. I mean Pollyannish isn't even a word!

Reading the story about Rush Limbaugh attacking the children of the poor - openly mocking their circumstance as if they were somehow responsible was too much for me. I do not understand how he can get away with it. I don't get why someone, anyone doesn't raise a stink about this. How is this not a scandal? Why is he still on the air reaping millions of dollars annually for doing nothing more than regurgitating hate?

He is not merely being uncharitable, nor is this parody. This is vile, putrid, low, and unthinkable. There's not a cockroach or insect anywhere on the planet that compares to him. I hesitate to compare him to a living creature - his soul is blacker and more foul than the oil that spews into the Gulf daily. His brain a fetid grey dump of dusty excrement squeezed dry of all humanity after years of Oxycontin abuse and unfettered hate that has seeped into every fibre of his being.

Anyhow I got to bed too tired to get back up after a week of radio and research and logging and blogging, but I knew I'd got it wrong. It's not what you wish for - that's okay and all, it has it's place - but in the end it's what you fight for. Rush's phone number is 1-800-282-2882 and Rush's e-mail address is and you know the address of your local fishwrap - write them and tell them you won't stand for this disgusting behaviour write his sponsors and tell them they can shove their products where the sun don't shine until they stop supporting his hate.

Below a video from the people at who do a phenomenal job of chronicling all number of outrages either perpetrated by the MSM or conveniently not reported. In this video Rush mocks one of Obama's children and manages to sneak in calling Obama, "boy."


  1. Thanks George! Duly noted annd fixed. Thanks for dropping by.