Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello, and sorry I've been unable to look at the intertubes. The surfeit of bad news by the end of a week takes a strange toll on my psyche. Lots to post but don't really know if I'll get to it all. Wanted to start with the subject that began all this for me, torture. Back in 2005 I could all kinds of evidence that torture was happening in Iraq and Afghanistan - but none of it surfaced in the MSM in any  significant way. If you read up on torture you`ll discover that from a practical standpoint it doesn`t really work. From a moral standpoint it`s not only indefensible, it`s self defeating. It creates more enemies than it eliminates.

Last week GWB jr. glibly said that he ordered Khalid Sheik Mohamed water-boarded (183 times) and he`d do it again if it saved lives. Well, it didn`t and it constitutes a war crime. The reaction south of the border was one big collective shrug. Have a listen as Keith Olbermann interviews US Air Force interrogator Mathew Alexander and he explains how Abbu Ghraib recruited terrorists.

GWB jr. once claimed Jesus Christ was his favorite philosopher - I would like to ask him who would Jesus water-board, and how many times would he repeat this "enhanced interrogation" technique?

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