Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have to start with something positive as the news today, as another week in the life of the gusher in the Gulf draws to a close, is relentlessly terrible.

So, some insight on how to go about changing awareness and public policy from Jacques Cousteau: Forget the politicians-- they all think short-term... But there is something I have found that works. Identify an issue with a campaign that has emotional appeal. Advocate a specific policy. Get letters, petitions and faxes. With thousands of signatures, the politicians will join the parade--No--they will try to lead the parade.

It's a short read and elegant in its' simplicity. Speaking of elegant solutions, a twitter star known as shoq along with engineer Justin Grindal have come up with an idea to capture the spewing oil that looks like it could work.

And to guarantee the day's posts start on a note that'll bring a smile, from  here's a video called BP Spills Coffee:

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