Monday, August 9, 2010

What Do We Do With Our Lives Now Anyways? Or Screw This World They Made I'm Going On Dead Tour, If Only For One Last Show

Going to be a bad day just lost my post, disappeared into the nether world. It started off by saying, It's a sad day for Dead Heads, condolences one and all. Also the 65th anniversary of the atomic bomb being used twice too often so how can I post anything other than Jerry singing Morning Dew.

As for other news Canadian Omar Khadr is going in front of a military commission at Guantanamo Bay, thought they closed that facility, can believe everything your told I guess. Interesting article proclaiming his innocence. Lets see what else is happening, lots of bombs and killing in Iraq and Pakistan and of course Afghanistan. According to the NY Times a radical cleric was arrested in Indonesia, he is supposedly linked to the Bali nightclub bombing. They plugged the well in the Gulf, declared a success, reminds me of a little banner reading mission accomplished. It's far too late to call any cap a success, the damage is done and the humans as well as the fish are screwed. Good luck to  the next dominate species. So everybody return to normal, except  for the people devastated by the deed and move on. Already it's less in the news and the clean up goes on for years to come. Pass the shrimp.

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