Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Much Trouble In The World - Time To Find A New One

                                                                                    Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images 

So much trouble this week on Mother Earth you think she might be trying to tell us something. Moscow smog and heat, amplified by the wildfires burning just outside the city. Moscow's health chief has confirmed the mortality rate had doubled during the current heatwave.

In the photograph Pakistani villagers try to evade floods in Multan. The United Nations says the floods have altered the lives of 13.8 million people. The Pakistani President. Asif Ali Zardi seemed to learn his trade from President Bush, was busy touring Europe and failed to return when the disaster first occurred. This delay led to Islamist groups providing food and aid to the victims. Some fear that this will lead to greater resentment towards the government and more power to the Taliban.

In China more than seven hundred are confirmed dead in the massive Land slide. According to the BBC's Chris Hogg buildings that were seven stories tall crumpled like paper. It had been raining for hours when the wave of mud crashed down on the town of  Zhouqu. Many victims were buried as the slept, one woman Chen Yu Han was trapped for twenty four hours but survived. More rain is expected which could slow down the rescue efforts.

If Mother Nature isn't trying to tell us anything, Stephen Hawking is and he's telling us to book, get out of town, leave the planet, time to pack, get the heck out of dodge before we snooze and loose. (Personally I think it's too late) In his latest comment he says the
survival of the human race depends on them finding a new home planet. According to Mr. Hawking the planet is due for disasters of biblical proportions and the constant depletion of resources. (Sounds like a good idea to me. It worked so well the last time humans searched new lands for resources, just ask your Aztec neighbor. )

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