Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Did We Lose Out Dignity?

Signs of the times with this video very scary video on so many levels, how's that capitalism workin' out for ya?

Speaking of corrupt ideals the Rod Blagojevich trial seems to be deadlocked and will continue going over the facts. In case you forgot he's the dude who allegedly tried to sell the Presidents old gig. Also in the running for capitalist of the week is BP, remember them that little oil spill in the gulf, seems so long ago doesn't it. Anyways the plan is to pay for the wreck they made with the profits from new drilling. Like they say you can't keep a good drill down. Some days I'm just so proud to be human, makes me wanna puke.

thought I'd end on something positive, the video may be sappy but not the point.

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