Monday, August 30, 2010

Katrina Plus Five

President Obama was in New Orleans over the weekend pleading his devotion to the Big Easy. Five years
after the storm that tore the city apart New Orleans battles to regain its footing on the banks of the Mississippi. The legacy of Katrina, Mr. Obama said, must be “not one of neglect, but of action; not one of indifference, but of empathy; not of abandonment, but of a community working together to meet shared challenges.”

Resident  of New Orleans actor-comedian and documentarian Harry Shearer speaks about his film The Big Uneasy.

Interview with Harry Shearer on Coast 2 Coast Am. (audio only)

just for fun The Dirty Dozen Brass Band a great New Orleans band with Gov't Mule playing a Herbie Hancock tune Chameleon

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