Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey there, and thanks for showing up! Just wanted to pop back in and post the rest of the links to the days' stories on my radio show. No narratives just the links, okay? Feel free to drop me a note from time to time - you could tell me what kind of stories you'd like to see/hear more of and what kind you could do without.

The Gulf spill doesn't get as much coverage as it should in the media so you have to go digging to find out what's been happening there of late. For starters, the Obama administration announced Monday that it is no longer fast-tracking offshore drilling projects in deep water by exempting them from detailed environmental review.

Two weeks ago, as federal officials prepared to declare that some three-quarters of the estimated 5 million barrels of oil released into the Gulf over three months had disappeared, Mark Williams, a fishing boat captain hired by BP to help with the spill cleanup, encountered tar balls as large as three inches wide floating off the Florida coast -- he has been instructed by BP not to report them.

No matter what you hear or read in the MSM the oil spill still poses threats to human health and seafood safety, according to a study published Monday by the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association.

No doubt you've heard about the NY mosque controversy. It really shouldn't be an issue, but that's not how it works any longer. The right screams and whines about some trumped up nonsense and eventually the MSM covers it. To get an idea of how overheated the rhetoric can get go read what Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove have to say about the issue. Gird your loins for those nazi comparisons.

Don Lemon of CNN demonstrates his absolute whorishness in an interview he conducted with Eboo Patel (video below). As Glenn Greenwald notes, it's sad that the point has to be made but Muslims did not attack on 9/11 - terrorists did. Muslims died on 9/11 and some were 1st responders. Fanatics come in all sizes and of all stripes as far as religions go - if you want to demonize all because of the reprehensible actions of a few the consequences could be more severe than the original attacks and plays into the hands of extremists. There are some unlikely allies on the side of defending the rights of the people who want to build the mosque.

A little something to confuse the climate science denier in your life -- the paradox of Antarctic sea ice. While Arctic sea ice has been diminishing in recent decades, the Antarctic sea ice extent has been increasing slightly. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology provide an explanation for the seeming paradox of increasing Antarctic sea ice in a warming climate.

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