Monday, May 25, 2009

News of Note

Not sure if this is the launch - will try and keep editorial comments to the editorial page but this is the age of stupid... my word people, the inanity!

Canada gets serious about arctic claims of sovereignty

From the NYT's we have a story about Mahmoud Ahmadenejad having a confab with his good neighbors from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not much word of the official American reaction to this summit.

Here are 2 points of view on the ongoing battles taking place in the Swat Valley from the NYT's and al Jazeera.

British CCTV being all the Big Brother it can be.

From a favourite lefty news blog a story about those mad crazed terrorists they just captured... (breathless) who were going to blow up synygogues and fire missiles at airplanes. Turns out they were stoned, deluded and schizophrenic and led by the nose by an all too willing informant.

China taking steps on eliminating plastic bags that critics said couldn't be done and wouldn't help. They were wrong.

In the holee crap category: Californiapocalypse!

Fareed Zakaria says there's lots you don't know about Iran. To be kind he is writing for Newsweak and his audience is primarily American.

And a story about someone keeping a lending library of "banned books" in his locker, that made me feel good.

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